Women dominate Social Media

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Ladies vs Gents of social media

As it turns out, social media has been a very effective tool of sharing ideas and… well… gossip. It may not surprise you, but the data below shows that “chatter sites” are more likely used by women than those more work related.

Who cares about social media?

in today’s business world, ignoring social media can be a huge mistake. Social media is in peoples pockets and on their laps, it follows them around and connects them to the world. As peoples focus changes to accept more information on screen, your brand should be there to accept a glance or two. Don’t get me wrong, I think that flashing ads and “attention grabbing” noise turn people away faster more than the small amount of brand awareness it may provide.

Its all about being subtle

Unobtrusive marketing while providing a great service has been the key to many of the internets massive growth. I don’t knock it because I’ve seen it work, but even if you don’t have a large budget to accommodate every social media site and every search engine, that is no excuse to not be found if someone is looking.

Now to the point

Depending on your business, and your target audience you will need to appropriately distribute your social media marketing efforts. Matlock media group can help.

social media men vs women

social media and the battle of the sexes

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